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Gas Safety - BS EN 1949:2021

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Many fellow Alpharders are using their converted Alphards as campervans, and most of those vans will be carrying gas.


I noticed in my Insurance Documents that my insurance company requires my vehicle, as I have one gas bottle, to have the installation certified by a Registered Gas Safety Engineer. This certificate is not required by Law, but is by my insurer.


The Certificate is not a Habitation Certificate, which is required by Law for Motorhomes and Caravans.

Habitation Certificates are not required for Campervans.


In doing some research I came across the information in the link.

There are many other similar articles.

I thought I would start a Topic.


My camper is a stealth version so I do not want (or need as it happens) LPG stickers in plain sight 'everywhere' !


I found it a very interesting article, especially the guidance on how to find a local qualified Registered Gas Safety engineer.

In my view my installation, although not fitted by a registered engineer, meets the physical requirements.

However, I will be calling my local 'Gas Man' tomorrow to get the certificate before the season starts.


In the meantime ? There is no gas bottle in my van !

The gas tight cabinet, the strap, and the carbon monoxide sensor, are all there. But no gas bottle.


Perhaps any owners carrying gas should be checking the small print in their Insurance Policy Documents.


https://vandercampadventures.com/campervan-gas-regulations-2022/#:~:text=There are no requirements for,involved in a road accident.

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Does one need a certificate to carry and use the aerosol type of gas can, as I would do any cooking or heating of kettle on a portable stove in the drive away awning and not in the vehicle ?

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Hello Michael,


I am not a registered Gas Safety Engineer.


My insurance company, in the very small print, stipulates I must have a Gas Safety Certificate if I carry gas.

I cannot remember the exact term they use.

I don't have a bi-fuel system so I am not whether they need a Certificate, I assume they would.


For a Camper Van a certificate is not a legal requirement (unless you hire out your vehicle); for a Motor Home or Caravan it is a legal requirement.


My opinion is, and it is an opinion, that you would not need a certificate or an LPG sticker for an aerosol.


I would suggest the cannister(s) are stowed carefully will travelling.


I do need to reread my Insurance as I am unsure whether the Certificate needs to be renewed each year !

Presently, I think not.


My insurance, in my opinion, is a very reasonable price.

I have already had a new windscreen fitted.

If my premiums weren't 'sensible' I would switch to another insurance company.


But, of course, what value is it to know that your installation is first class and safe.


Have a read of the link, I found it very helpful.

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