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Advice / Reviews on specific Kenwood/Pioneer headunit

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Opinions wanted 🙏🙏
Posted in multiple groups as I reckon the odds of getting a response are fairly low
Has anyone personally got either of the two units below as a headunit?
If so would you care to give your opinion/thoughts on it - pluses and minuses please.
The reasons for going this route are -
- too many tales of Android units not living up to expectations, not updating etc etc.
- all we need are CD/DVD, BT, DAB+, Reversing camera.
Our satnav is Copilot on a
tablet and it is staying there as it is not Android Auto compatible.

Thank for any info you can provide.

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Both would do the job I think, though not sure either does Android Auto/Carplay (suspect that's not essential?).


Personal preference, Id probably choose the Pioneer.....only from experience in having both Kenwood and Pioneer headunits in recent years and the Pioneers (to my ears) tend to sound better.


The wiring on these things is crackers though, unless you're very competent with this sort of stuff I'd leave it to a professional installer to sort (be worth the money).


With the right wiring harnessses you should have no issues keeping the steering wheel controls and reversing camera 👍

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Been using a pioneer da160 dab for just over a year now with a pioneer sub ts wx130ea, very happy with it

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