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Blocked Drains...Sloshing Water Noise

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Greetings owners..


I have sloshing water sound, which sounds like it's coming from behind the dashboard, I presume the drains are blocked and the water had nowhere to go. Can anyone advise " where " the drains are located and how to unblock the muck...


2004 Alphard converted camper..


Chris B

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If you have a pop top (like a Drivelodge) might be water in the front spoiler section.


The sealant on mine has gone in a couple of places and does fill up in heavy rain, does exactly as you describe.  Bought some Sikaflex sealant to sort it (a job for the summer 👍)


I use a trim tool to lift a section where the sealant has split on the front to let the water out periodically, surprising how much gets in there!


If not, could well be blocked sunroof drains.

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