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Failed mot on emissions

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25 minutes ago, Marky mark said:



As you probably know, you have 10 days to get it retested at the same facility for free.


As you don't have the test report; you could do worse than to rebook it, without touching anything, and get the emission test results.

Even ask them for an opinion on the cause.


Lee' suggestion is also a potential quick fix, but whatever you do you won't know it's effective until the retest !

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Providing a paper copy of the emissions test is a requirement when it has failed on emissions. It could have failed on a number of different emission requirements so it makes it difficult to determine what the issue actually is without the report. A marginal fail could possibly be resolved with an "Italian tune up" or one of the catalyst cleaning products, but a bad fail may point towards component failure. Without the information, it is just guess work. 

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Posted (edited)

You reported on your other post that ABS AND Check Engine Light were on. The two are not interdependent so coincidentally you must have (had?) an engine emissions failure.

So is your check engine light (MIL) still on? I would be surprised if it wasn't because my hunch is the MOT limits are more relaxed that the car's on board diagnosis. If so, the code(s) putting on the MIL can be read by JOBD reader. I have the same vehicle as you and the Ancel JP700 works fine.

I'm guessing you probably have a MAF sensor problem. If it can't measure air flow correctly then fuel delivery will be out of whack.



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