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Hi, I just had a van driver take my door mirror off, Smashed it to bits, I can't find a matching one online and wondered if anyone on this forum could help, it's white and has an indicator included, my car is a 2004 MZG all the 2004 mirrors i can find haven't got the indicator, HELP please

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Hi Andrew,


The Toyota EPC website might help you identify the part:




If you search against your chassis number (ANH10-somenumber) and look under electronics you should find the mirror housing in there.


They all fold but depending on the model some are heated some aren't.  Being a high spec model like yours it is almost certainly heated.


I've been having a hell of a time sourcing mirror glass (my wife smashed mine, thankfully the mirror housing was OK) and seem to recall from Amayama a new mirror housing is mid £300's plus shipping from Japan.  Not cheap but I almost guarantee cheaper than sourcing from a main dealer here (albeit a longer wait).


Hope that helps!




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any alphard upto 2008 was not fitted as standard with indicators in wing mirrors these was added as a extra in japan so you wont get a part no. on a epc to vin no. picture atatched of what yours was fitted with from epc   ( electronic parts lookup ) here is a link for ebay of a uk seller selling 2nd hand ones £150.00 thats cheap   https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/314471675366?itmmeta=01HWF8M1XJ54TWHM0J8TDJM60P&hash=item4937f8f5e6:g:cv4AAOSwm6RkELH0&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA0HQ5F8xVAEyRXvC30BTl9W%2Fz%2Bb6SL%2FFui%2Bn7VRCO8pTPWqscG0wChYe%2FlZOw%2BGYWyua0lMMONwxyYpl%2F9izeM3480HZQ5%2FVAw0VUh6xv6fU6mDspD9uk32vYA5pfEZ5%2Fks30kxm2M5%2Fge9%2FCkFZfBXvm2DC%2FbvimaDR1CCvUUFhnu%2Bz1XSdnE5%2B5h345LYeHb5kcLo6Mj6fK0FirYZO36huzL0sSA6FVnUCKeAkZthoATuhh0joOyry3%2FDHCVrO58jRwPOjAqm5BHaQ%2BnvYDYh0%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_Ce0OjjYw


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