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2.4L or 3.0L engine for mostly motorway driving

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Hi everyone, I’m currently looking at some alphards and test driven a 3.0l one yesterday and is goin to test drive a 2.4l tomorrow but isn’t sure which one to get, I would be doin alot of motorway driving and might consider to do an lpg conversion later, so with this in mind should I go for the 2.4 or 3.0 model? thank in advance for you input 

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I decided to go for 2.4 mainly due to the less maintenance costs and my needs.



- chain belt

- 4 spark plugs



- timing belt - when replacing water pump need to be replaced as well

- 6 spark plugs


From my point of view the only advantage of 3.0 is more power. You will probably find a lot of people stating 2.4 is underpowered but then at the end how much power do you need? 2.4 is perfect for motorway cruising at 70mph with 2 adults in, full camper conversion and bags, gear etc.


If you are planning to drive faster or potentially have bigger load in the van, 6 people in most of the time then maybe 3.0 will be better option.



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Here are some old posts regarding lpg conversion, I would suggest to chase up or try researching online for more info. 





I think it is a good idea in general, was thinking about it myself...at the beggining. Both engines 2.4 & 3.0 are suitable for LPG, again most likelly you will pay more for 3.0 conversion however in your case and motorway miles it may pay off much quicker. 

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I have a 2006 3 litre V6 with the 5 speed. Wonderful on motorways. I usually travel at 60mph.

Many earlier vehicles Pre 2005) have 4 speed and later than 2008 have 6 speed.


What year are you considering ?


I doubt that there is much difference in gas mileage.


Cambelts do need changing at 100k, or every 10 years, according to my local Toyota Dealer.

Water pump at the same time. £522 plus VAT at my local dealer.


The cost of two extra plugs is not, IMHO, a reason not to buy a V6


The V6 fitted to pre 2008 is a non interference engine, so should the cambelt fail the valves will not hit the pistons and wreck the engine.

If the engine drops a valve that is a different matter!


Hope this helps.

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