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Advice on who to get to fit a new cable on my near side door

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When I bought my camper in 2021 the near side sliding door did not work.  I was happy to open & shut it manually.  All that has now changed as when I was away in the new forest I decided I’d disconnect the awning from the camper and go exploring.  That didn’t happen as when I disconnected the awning and tried to close the sliding door it would not move at all.  After a lot of people trying to help me, which I was great full for, but the problem wasn’t solved.  I called the breakdown service who told me the only way he could get it to close was to cut the cable as it had all tangled up and was stopping the door from closing.  I had no choice, as I was not going to be able to move at all with the side door wide open.

When I returned I went to a well known car electrical company, explained the problem & asked if there was any chance he could put a new one in.  I showed him part of the old one that the breakdown company gave me. He told me that he could do it but he couldn’t get the cable that I would have to get from Toyota.  I did this at a cost of £380.00 + took the part and my camper for them to do today and received a call this afternoon telling me that they couldn’t do it, it would entail taking the door off to fit it and so it was bodywork specialist that I should get to do this.


Please can anyone tell me where I should be taking it to get it done and does the door really have to be removed to fit it.

Advice would really be appreciated.


Many thanks, in advance.



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