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Simple info on model numbers and grades?

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Hi, I'm sure this has been asked and probably answered before, have looked but couldn't see it - is there a simple guide on what the model numbers and grades refer to please?  Many thanks, a would-be Alphard enthusiast

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For Alphard 10series 2002-2008 there are two petrol models V & G, they are manufactured in different places by different companies and they differ by their own specification, body style and interior. Anything starting with A such as AX is 2.4L, anything starting with M such as MX is 3L engine. First letter represents engine variant where the second represents trim configuration with X as the lowest, AS/MS grade are the sport style. 


Below you can see all years/models with full specs for comparison.







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From the exterior point of view there are 2 different grades, Standard (X & Z) and Sport (S). 


Standard has 16inch alloys and Van type body where Sport 17inch alloys and sport looking bumper with rounded fog lights.


Standard interior will be in light beige colour seats and brown marble looking panel. Sport is with black seats and blue/black marble panel.


The rest is more up to the spec for each individual model.


From April 2005 Alphards had a facelift which brings a little more confusion however the easier way to recognize if you are buying pre or post facelift model from the picture are the front light cluster. Pre facelift has orange signal as a part of the lights, post facelift are all white. 


The rear lights are also different, old models has one white stripe, new model has two whites stripes. 

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Thanks. Next to the rear "Alphard" I see the letters "G" or "V". I've been speaking to a seller who has one with the "G". She says the model is an AS PLATINUM SELECTION. I've looked around and all the other platinum selections have a V. is this right?

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