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FM transmitter in Toyota Alphard

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 Hey there just wondering whether anyone has managed to tune a FM transmittor into their alphard? so I use my phone satnav and play spotify through their radio.  My bluetooth is working so I can connect my phone but obviously it does not play the music.

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I can receive only one FM channel on my HDD unit.


You can buy FM frequency (expander) shifters which, after fitting (which may be a challenge), will give you most, but not all, of the UK FM band.

Check ebay, they are about 10 to 15 pounds.

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Hi, We just picked up an Alphard camper yesterday, it still has the original head unit. The first thing i did was tune the radio to the frequency of my aukey bluetooth fm transmitter. The fm transmitter is tuned to 87.5 and works perfectly. A good solution unitl i decide what to do with the OEM HU. 


I bought it from Amazon a couple of years ago, does not seem to be available anymore but plenty of others on there

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