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Middle swivel seats.

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Hi all

I've got a 58 plate Alphard without the swivel middle row. I've seen on ebay 2002 and 2008 swivel middle row seats for sale. 

I was told by dealer that toyota stopped fitting swivel seats in 2006. 

My question is... 

Would 2002 middle row seats still fit in my 2008? 

Many thanks for your time guys

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I am not sure, it depends on what seats you have fitted at the moment.


The seven seater and eight seater Alphies have different seat rail configurations.


I have a 2006 seven seater, two Captains seats up front, two Captains seats in the middle, and the usual two (wide) rear seats accommodating three people in the rear.


These all fit on just 4 seat rails, plus the two on the rear wheel arches.


The eight seater, with two seats up front, and one and a half seats plus one seat in the middle (and the normal three seat rear sit, from memory, on five seat rails; plus the two on the wheel rear arches 


Which middle seats do you have; and how many seat rails do you have ?


If you have middle row Captains seats they will not swivel, and I have yet to find a way to make that happen.


If you have the 8 seater, I think you will be able to get seats that will swivel, but, to state the obvious, make sure the seats are the swivel type and that you have the correct seat rail configuration !


Hope this is clear enough, and it helps you .





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