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hey @metamorphic69 the build difference isnt really that all different, ive personally got an alphard so im not an expert on the vellfires, but i think the vellfires are more like the elgrands... they have 3.5 and/or 2.4 ltr engine and the seating configuration is a mix of the alphard and the elgrand

They are also newer and from seeing them both in person, the vellfire looks longer and taller


i hope this answers your question alright :)

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I believe they’re mechanically the same car as the Alphards, with a different badge, face, dash and trim levels, but share the same chassis, engines, suspension. They’re aimed at younger drivers, while Alphards are supposed to be more executive, apparently. They only came in in 2008, so if you’re reading that they’re more durable I guess it’s referring to both Vellfires and Alphards from 2008 onwards vs older Alphards?

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As previously stated, they are both built around the same chassis and engines etc. The Velfire is I guess looks a little more sporty. I have the 240s prime 2008 and that looks a lot more sporty than the Velfire. Good luck you won't go wrong with either.😉


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Both of them have sporty trims, S in Alphard and Z in Vellfire.


I believe the main difference between them two is the price... expect to pay more for Vellfire and fuel efficiency is lower in Vellfires.


From the build quality, trims and interior gadgets you can't go wrong with either.


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