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Hey guys, hope your doing well, i was just wondering if anyone knows how to check if your van is awd or or is just the generic front wheel (2wd) minivan platform..

if anyone can help me with this i would greatly appreciate it 


many thanks


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The model number will tell you.


The model numbers look like ANH10, or similar.

Your auction sheet should have it listed on there.

If your model has a 15 in it, it is 4WD, eg. ANH15.

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First, try your auction sheet.

Second, try your door frames; A post, but probably B post.

Or engine bay somewhere !


The 'plate' should give you the model number, and lots of other stuff.

Do you know your trim level ? It was a MZG wasn't it.

Models numbers change with engine size and drive system.

Is yours Gen 1 or 2. I think it was 1 from memory.

If it has the 3 litre it is Gen 1.

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easiest and quickest would be to lay under the vehicle at the rear, if you have 4wheel drive it should have a diff and propshaft, the front wheel drive version just have a normal solid axle, if you had the 2,4 it would be easier to see by looking at the gearbox from under the bonnet, there you can easily see a propshaft or not depending on which one you have, hope that helps

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