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  1. Superb Alex will try your advice. I take it you mean the contacts on the door edge. Sorry to sound a novice unfortunately I am. cheers Brian
  2. Hi that is nice to know as I am going down to Devon in may will log this address just in case cheers. ANY OTHER RECCOMENDATIONS ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY WOULD BE WELCOME. BRIAN
  3. Hi no they don’t open on their own it’s when I come to open either one I have to open them manually except occasionally they will open and close automatically when I start by operating the handle and up to now there does not appear to be any specific reason. thank you for your reply and interest. Brian
  4. Hi all new to this forum so bear with me. i have 2004 Alphard hybrid auto campervan and having problems with side doors which open automatically very very rarely any ideas welcome. Only had the car three weeks so still finding my way around. cheers Brian
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