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  1. Hi all. Pleased too meet you all, the names JoJo, I am well versed in japanese van culture, having owed delica's, brawney's, elysion, caravan and Regis, and am lucky enough to be able to visit japan at least once a year. This is my latest import, I first spotted a similar van at an hotel in the Japanese alps, i was impressed with its 4wd, comfort and interior. Using an agent, this van was cleared for export and put in a container at the end of February its due to arrive in a week or so.
  2. Hi, I dropped your problem into toyopet, received an unusual response below. Forgive the translation this is exactly as they sent it. CVT Torque Converter Problem Description In the torque converter of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), there is insufficient strength in the component parts of the lock up clutch since its production dispersion. Therefore, when frequently repeat acceleration and deceleration, the lock up clutch may be does not operate, and a warning light turns on, it becomes the vehicle runs with fail-safe.
  3. Hello everybody, Please to meet you all. You may want to consider a phosphor coating as it not only stops the oxidization process, in some of the better quality products reversing the process to a certain extent. also acts as to encapsulate to prevent further oxidization. Your choice is always the best and right one at the time. All the Toyota components for jdm have an usdm or uaedm equivalent listed in ETKA with the entertainment systems the hybrids units list multi language options. depending on your manufactured year you may be looking for. Manufacturer Part Number: 86120-33620
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