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Alphard 3ltr and 2.4 Servicing Parts (2002-2008)


Here is a growing list of part number for servicing

Not totally complete but almost. If you have any part numbers then let us know and we'll add to the list.

3.0 V6 & 2.4 Alphards NOTE: This is for the 1st Series Alphard!!

Cam Belt Kit (Buy from a reputable seller as many cheap fakes available online)

Blue Print: ADT37334  (3 Litre)
2.4 Does not require timing belt.

Water Pump
Blue Print: ADT39148

Oil Filter
Blue Print: ADT32108 (3 Litre)
Blue Print: ADT32112 (2.4)  
90915-10004 Toyota OEM 2.4
90915-20003 Toyota OEM 3.0
90915-YZZD1 Toyota OEM 2.4 Hybrid

cabin filter (for 5 speed)
Blue Print: ADT32512 (2.4 & 3.0 Ltr)
87139-28010 Toyota OEM

Air Filter
Blue Print: ADT32279 (3 ltr)
Blue Print: ADT37267 (2.4)

Petronas 5w /30 Fully Synthetic (ACEA A1/B1)  (3.0 Ltr) or other quality Fully Synthetic oils.

OATS Anti-Freeze 

Spark Plugs
Toyota OEM: 90919-01210 (3 Ltr)
Toyota OEM: 90919-01184 (2.4)

Fan Belt/ AUX Belt
Toyota OEM: 99366-31040  (3.0 Ltr)
Blue Print: AD06R1036 (3.0 LTR)

Power Steering Belt
99364-80880 OEM Toyota


High Level brake light
Bulb: 955 12v 16W


Wiper Blade Sizes
26' Driver
16' Passenger


Side Lights


ATF Transmission fluids.
Highly recommend Opie Oils (use Discount code "Toyota")


Make sure the specifications are for the Toyota T-IV ATF oil. Fuches is a good brand.
Oil Strainer: OEM 35330-28010 (Transmission Gear Box Oil Strainer Filter Assembly Accessory) You can get this from Lindop Toyota Mail order from john.devlin@lindop.toyota.co.uk 


Auto Jap Spares do a Kit with Plugs, Oil Filter & Air Filter.


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