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Toyota Alphard / Vellfire Servicing Parts / Numbers (2008 to 2015)


This list is new and growing. If you have any part numbers to share then please leave a comment.

If you have part numbers for any service items then please comment and we'll add them to this list. (Note: please do check and cross reference before purchasing)


Alphard / Vellire Oil for 3.5ltr 2GR Engine

5w30 A5 (ensure you select A5 specification)


Alphard / Vellire Oil Filter for 3.5ltr 2GR Engine
oem 04152-YZZA1 (you can cross ref this number for aftermarket too)
Sealey Oil Filter wrench tool (a must if you are doing this yourself)


Alphard / Vellire  Oil Filter for 2.4ltr 

TOYOTA (15601-76008)


Alphard / Vellire Transmission Oil

3.5 V6 GGH20w - Oil ATF WS o.e.m part 08886-81210


Alphard / Vellire Transmission Filter

3.5 V6 - non-oem: Febi Automatic GearBox Oil Filter 106898 (eBay Listing)


Alphard / Vellire Air Filter
2.4 TOYOTA (17801-31120)

3.5 TOYOTA (17801-31120)



Alphard / Vellire Cabin Filter (Part number: JE01389)
Toyota Alphard (Vellfire) | 2.4i | 2AZ-FE | ANH20R | 2008 - 2015
Toyota Alphard (Vellfire) | 3.5 | 2GR-FE | GGH20W | 2008 - 2015
(Source: Jap Euro)



Drop Links & Stabiliser Bushing kits
Anti Roll Bar Link TC1920 Delphi Stabiliser Drop Link 4882042030 4882002070



Oil Filter Housing Cap Holder (only needed if you break the old one)
this part can be tricky to find in UK so can order in from Germany. 


Brake Pads (3.5 Litre)

Front: Febi Brake Pads Set Front 170888
Rear: Febi Brake Pads Set Rear 16652


Front Brake Discs (3.5 Litre)
Blue Print: ADT343235  


Wheel Hub Bearing
Toyota OEM: 43550-28030

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I am keeping a running list of parts i am buying and adding them here above. Takes ages to reference some of these bits so i hope it helps

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Does anyone have any part numbers they can share for the 20 series?? send me a PM and I will add to this list.


This include 10 series list as well.

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