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Have LPG Underslung tank?


Have an underslung LPG tank?

If you do not want to carry a spare wheel in yor boot then recommend a product called Slime, theres a bunch on ebay 




Basically it sits in your tyre and coats the inside. Any nail goes in to the tyre is instantly sealed. 


Great for Motorcycles too.

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Toyota also do an OEM puncture repair kit that seems neat (in theory) but don't have personal experience as Alp/Vell are big, heavy 2000kg+, 8 seater vans. Would be good to know some practical experience. These kits need a fluid bottle (liquid to seal tyre) per flat tyre and have an expiry date, so if heading on long road trip, might be worth getting at least couple of bottles and always checking the expiry dates. Not putting any link for these kits but google / ebay / amazon as you please.

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