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Hi ive had the misfortune that an electric wire has became detached from the rear heated windscreen 


it appears to have been soldered on and has now broken free from the glass


Can anyone advise how to fix this.


as a result of this its blowing my tail light fuse again as well which is 10 amps


i have had to replace the 10 amp fuse with a 30 amp fuse to get the tail lights to work as i need to pass my mot


I am aware that fitting an oversize fuse may cause damage to my wiring 


Any help and advice appreciated asap as mot due soon


question  1 how do i fix wire back does it have to be soldered or can i super glue or do i need new windsreen 


question  2 what damage will putting in an oversize fuse do to my car wiring 


question 3 my top brake light above the window is only coming on as a brake light cant remba if this was also a tail light before fuse blew

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My comments on your situation :


You will need a very large soldering iron as the glass will act as a heat sink.

Result, imho, glass could crack; even worst than no demister !

Rear demister is not part of MOT so leave it disconnected until after MOT; tape it with insulation tape.

Question. Is superglue conductive? I don't know, but doubt it.


A open circuit (detached wire) should not blow fuses as long as it isn't touching any other conducting surface (even If it is live).


Putting an oversize fuse in, could, melt wire insulation on adjacent wires (in the loom) causing short circuits.

You don't want this to happen, if it hasn't already.


Top light is a brake light, not a rear light; so don't worry. I am not sure this has to work anyway, as you will have other brake lights that will need to work


Permatex is an American product but is available on Amazon. I would not use this (if at all) until after your MOT.


You need to focus on what is blowing the tail light fuse.


I think, with respect, you need a local auto electrician, and, maybe, you need to talk with your MOT garage to remind yourself what needs to work properly, and what does not.


Hope this helps with your thinking. Good luck.

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You can buy stick on kits on eBay for a tenner; gotta be worth a try. All you need to

do is bridge the break with a small thin piece of copper or other conductive metal, I think these kits contain some tape with the element in it and you just bridge it over the damaged section. Good luck.

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