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Hi Everyone,

I thought I would take the time to introduce myself as I have just joined here

Im Matthew im based in the south of England Berkshire/Wiltshire area and have two newly imported Alphards in the UK and one more currently on the way over.

I am not a registered dealer yet but have imported a few select cars myself and have now taken a keen liking to the Alphards after being recommended them by a member of the customs agent I use in Southampton.

Admin if you would like me to register as a dealer for the sake of the forums I’m more than happy to I don’t wish to offend or mislead anyone please just point me in the correct direction.

Hope I can contribute some information and help where I can




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Thank you, that’s is one of each I also now have another 2002 3.0 in white, that’s got the sunroofs and what a difference that does make inside 😮 I love these cars the more I use mine the more I find!

I will have to get a picture of all three up shortly

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Hello guys. 

Mom new to the world or Toyota Alphards having only owned one for just 4 days and counting! 

They are a very unique mov indeed!

i have a black 2005 with cream interior and so far love it. 

The only question I have at the moment is do people still use this forum?


is there anyone out there!!

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