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Steering wheel volume controls

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Recently acquired 2005 2.4l Alphard, with camper van conversion by Calder Campers nr. Livingston, W. Lothian.

As part of the conversion, they have fitted a Pioneer SPH-DA160DAB head unit, which is fine as it allows me to connect my phone, stream playlists, connect android auto as well as play the usual range of FM or DAB radio stations. However, I have been informed that it is not possible to connect the unit in a way that ensures that the steering wheel volume controls are functional. This struck me as a bit strange as it has been possible to connect in such a way that the rear reversing camera works. 
Can anyone advise whether it is actually possible to get the steering wheel volume controls to work ?

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Many thanks for that.
From the eBay ad it appears that the same one would probably do for my Pioneer unit, albeit with a 3.5mm jack connector rather than a single wire for your Kenwood. However, not sure if my level of expertise is sufficient to take on the job myself - is it something someone with very limited experience with auto audio should be taking on ?

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I had to cut two wires in the adapter however looks like for Pioneer you don't need to cut anything.


Connections are based on the sockets, simply plug in. Below post have some real pictures of the wiring.




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One of the first things I bought for my alphard was a steering wheel button adaptor,

removed the head unit to access the wiring harness behind, plugged it into the only socket it would fit into and the steering wheel buttons now work perfectly 👍

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