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Rear wiper.

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Hi,just awaiting delivery of a new rear wiper arm and blade for the Alphard. The one in place has just started to split, so found one on Ebay, so decided to have a punt as my local motor factors didn't show rears in their parts book. Will report back once received and fitted.

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The wiper arm and blade arrived yesterday and I'm quite impressed with the quality. I'll fit tomorrow and describe the fitment with any pitfalls which may occur. It is possible to purchase the blade on it's own and is supplied by a company near Exeter. Will give details when I report on fitting.

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Have just fitted the new rear wiper arm and blade[also replaced front wiper blades]. Removing the rear arm was slightly problematic. Here's the method, firstly I used a marker pen to mark the glass at the end of the blade to aid alighnment when fitting the new arm. There is a plastic cap on the end of the arm which covers the retaining nut on the end of the motor shaft. To remove the cap, the outer ends[near the arm swivel] of this cap need pulling carefully appart, a good finger nail on each hand works fine,once the clips in the cap are clear, the cap should pop off. When the retaining nut is exposed remove the  nut and if the arm will not wriggle off[do not use any levers or too much force]read on for the recommended method. The metal insert on the arm is aluminium and mounts onto the tapered mild steel splined shaft of the motor. The method I used was to boil a kettle of water and carefully poured the boiling water over the end of the arm, BE CAREFUL as risk of burning doing this!!! The arm should release with a gentle wriggle, if it still won't release, repeat the procedure. Do not worry that there are no splines on the new arm because once lined up with the mark[or is parallel with with the edge of the window frame] and the nut tightened the shaft will cut the splines in the soft aluminium as it is tightened.

If anyone is interested, the reason for the heat is that aluminium expands at a much lower temprerature than steel and hot water is the easiest way to solve the problem.

If anyone needs to order an arm and blade the ebay number 164300987401. The arm is slightly shorter than the original, but is not at all noticable.

If anyone wants just a new blade, it can be purchased from the Car Mod Shop, Sidmouth ,Devon, 01395 568086.



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It's always advisable to replace any wiper blade as a complete unit.Having been in the motor trade for more years than I care to remember,we always advised customers to have a complete blade fitted, as labour costs for fiddling about with  fitting just a blade was almost as expensive as a new product. Often the  rivetted joints in the blade were worn.There are many universal blades available with fitting kits to allow fitment to most vehicles,although many Toyotas have a more streamlined rear wiper set-up,as does the Alphard.

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