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Headlight wiring mistake

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Hello Alphard people! I have discovered a small but funny problem which the mot man (who will not be named) completely missed!

The headlight alignment on main beam was a bit high so finding a wall ,i set up some markers so i could get them in a ruff but better angle for now. 

setting a line up level with the center of the bulb as the horizon i got in the drivers seat and switched the main beam on. to my surprise the headlight line was 10mm ish below the horizon line which is where it should be. confused as the beam angle was that high ,i could tell the eye color of the on coming driver, i got out to check my height measurements leaving the main beam on only to realize it was the full beam bulb lit🙃

what s happened is ,led indicator bulbs have been put in and a blinker unit (Garax winker position kit) has been added but a mistake has been made reversing the full and the main beam.

i have no idea what colors to look for as i don t have the Alphard color codes or the ones for this unit. the kit plugs in to the harness but there are wires that have been spliced. 

if anyone can give me some pointers, i would greatly appreciate it!

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Is that a 20 series 2008 vehicle?

the wiring diagrams are coded EM08Z5E

You can get PDF copies of them here:


Even has the plug diagrams.

Earlier models *may* use the same colouring scheme, I'm not sure if the looms are as identicle.

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Hello Chris ac , yes its an Anh20-8****** with the 2AZ-FE engine.

thanks for the above. i will do some printing i recon!

This afternoon i had another go at working out what was going on . still no joy but did rule things out which is always a positive!

I removed the aftermarket Garax system and put the plugs back into factory position. Apart from the expected, loosing the indicator flash, nothing elce happened which ruled out any mistakes in the wiring of the aftermarket system.

I had a google (other search engines are available) and found that people had problems with reversed polarity on upgraded hdd bulbs which it does have but as far as i can make out they are 35w 6000k Philips but oem replacement.

If this bulb had a reversed polarity would this really swap main beam with full beam?

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