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Knocking Sound


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So I have a knocking sound underneath the car Alphard 2003 had it all checked at garage couldn’t find anything obvious said they thought the  spare wheel was rattling around and I had had a puncture and used it recently. Went back to the tyre garage and he checked the spare wheel was all secure drove home and still the knocking sound !!! I am thinking of taking the spare wheel out and seeing if the knocking stops. Does the  spare wheel just sit in that cage underneath or should there be something else inside the cage like a rubber seal to stop it touching the base of the car ?  That could have been misplaced when the wheel was used after I had a puncture? The tyre man said no it just sits in there .... it seems all tight and secure but still got a knocking. Any one got any ideas ?

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I think there is a bolt running from the back of the van, interior side, all the way through which secures the spare.


is it definitely coming from the back there? If yes, also check how secure the exhaust is, they’re usually just secured with rubber bungs and those things can break or fall off leaving the exhaust to bang around a bit.

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