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Unable to reset AFS / initialise AFS ECU

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My AFS is working properly - I can see the lights moving around when I manoeuvre at low speeds, and the check light comes on and goes off again when I start the car. However, since changing out the coilovers the car came with for a set of stock suspension the car sits much higher and I am being flashed multiple times on every night drive.


Trying to follow the AFS reset procedure kindly supplied by @Chris.ac just doesn't work. I even bought a blank OBD plug and hard soldered pins 4 and 8 together to make sure the connection was made, but still nothing. The AFS light does not blink and the light position remains stubbornly high. Has anyone else carried out this procedure? Did it work? Did you have the engine running, or do anything else not mentioned in the instructions?


Is there anyone that fancies trying to do it anyway just to see if the procedure works?


Any help gratefully received!

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