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New (to me) Toyota Vellfire - Couple issues

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Hey everyone


I am a proud new owner of an immaculate 2010 Toyota Vellfire - colour is a dark blue/silver (probably a name for it). It has unfortunately came with a couple of (hopefully small) niggles, however I got it for a really good price so fine with me.



  • Reverse camera doesn't pop up when in reverse - the headunit is the original Japanese version. Is it possible to be disabled by some option in the headunit or something else?
  • Passenger side wing mirror doesn't close when locking. I can see and hear it tries to close but appears too weak. When I close manually, it feels like it has the same movement as the drivers side and closes correctly manually.
  • Cant seem to figure how to open the DVD unit in the roof - remote is missing.


Would appreciate your help and look forward to chatting to some of you soon.



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Hey Steve cheers for response.


Yes, its definitely fitted (i thought all Vellfires came with one?) as I can physically see it at the back near the opening handle.


Not tried lubricated the mirror as it is pretty free when moving it manually. Feels the same as the other side.



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Yes it beeps when putting in reverse from memory (only had it a few hours haha)


No, thats the problem, its very easy to move it manually but the motor feels too weak when I lock it.

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11 hours ago, Blaman said:

Yes it beeps when putting in reverse from memory

I’m thinking that the sensor for the gear position must be working. 
Does the head unit screen change when you select reverse?

Is the gear correctly displayed on the instrument cluster? 
Have you checked for blown fuses?


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It could be that the person who owned it Japan had an aftermarket head unit, and when they sold it put the original one in and forgot to connect the rear camera. Might be worth pulling the head unit out and checking


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Voodoo makes a good point, there could be a connector that’s loose or not been plugged into the back of the head unit. 

If the display doesn’t change at all, and remains on whatever it was on before reverse was selected, that would make sense. 

I’m not sure which fuse would power the reverse camera but you can usually check there’s voltage on both sides of the fuse without removing them. 

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16594459477281072433851740536707.thumb.jpg.49345ffec10afd79f754c83556c51568.jpgOK got it off, can see two connectors are not plugged in, one is blue and one white. See photos. 


They are super hard to get in as there isn't any extra length on them any ideas? 

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5 minutes ago, Blaman said:

How do I figure out which wire belongs to the rear camera?


Be patient !


You'll get an answer very soon, I m sure. It's a common topic

But this has been covered before if you need is urgent try Radio Replacement or Reversing Camera as a search.

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3 hours ago, Blaman said:

Sorry, I didn't realise I wasn't being patient, I am just asking questions?


No need to be sorry; I was just teasing.

If you don't get an answer soon I'll PM someone who will almost certainly know.

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The extra wires are just for things that you do not have. Manufactures like Toyota have the same wiring loom for all the cars, they build the cars on a conveyor and put in the basics, and as it goes by they add things depending on spec. The wiring is there so it works out cheaper and quicker. It looks like one of those wires might be the GPS cable if you don't have GPS on the head unit. I may be wrong.


The reversing camera lead is a white plug with four wires coming out. 


Have a look at this video below. If all the wires are plugged in, then the other thing is to check to make sure 6volts if getting to the camera. I have no idea how you get to the camera, maybe somebody else knows. 



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To open the roof screen it's pretty simple, press the first physical button on the top left of your head unit, the head unit screen will show you the map, press again the same button, now you have top & bottom bars on the display.

On the top bar you got 2 buttons, the middle one is to allow you to open the roof screen, and the right one is to make the head unit screen black. 

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