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Bedding and ladders

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I picked my Alf up yesterday. What sort of bedding do you guys have in the pop up and a 3/4 rock n roll beds.


Also need a ladder to get up there - any one got any suggestions.


Much excitement 

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We only use the rock n roll bed. I have a 4 season King size quilt, summer one folded in half to sleep on and an autumn one to go over us. Each quilt is stuffed in a compression sack with 2 pillows, these are then used as floor cushions outside during the day.

Hubby also has an electric throw (he gets very cold after chemotherapy) which works when engine running to pre heat his side, or longer if we have hook up.

Enjoy your camper.

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Hi Katt. Congratulations on getting your Alf. Like Sunny, we only ever use the Rock n Roll bed. We tried using a double sleeping bag initially but now have Duvalay sleeping bags. These have their own mattresses and come with summer and winter duvets. Expensive but can highly recommend.

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I was told the furniture will take climbing on to get up to the pop top but I too struggle to get up there. My kids manage ok. I sleep on a blow up mattress if I brave the climb.  The rnr bed is very comfortable with just a sleeping bag.  Where are you going to put a ladder when travelling?  

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