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4WD / AWD service & maintenance advice

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I purchased a 2007 3.0 4WD/AWD Alphie in August this year.


Thoroughly enjoying the car so far but despite it being relatively low mileage (approx 37000 miles) I am planning to have a comprehensive service carried out. 


I appreciate that there are additional aspects of maintenance to consider with a 4WD compared to a 2WD model. Though I am aware of certain quirks such as the heightened importance of monitoring relative tyre wear across the four wheels, I am essentially approaching this from a mechanically ignorant perspective and would appreciate any advice/product recommendations from fellow members!


In particular, I was after advice/thoughts on the the drive-train elements and their separate lubrication. How frequently should this be drained/re-oiled?   


Thank you in advance for your help.


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Hey there, I got the exact same model 3 litre AWD, and went through the oil change:


- gear box - really good to get this changed 

- transfer case / transaxle - owners manual states GL5 85w-90 - there is a drain plug and refill plug

- rear diff - same as above GL5 85-90 and it also has drain plug and refill plug


To me that suggests, that the car manufacturer was thinking about changing these oils, and as a good practice they should be. 


Good luck :)

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