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Replacement head unit

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See this thread



It's not so much the HU thats the problem, it's the connectors and harnesses required if you want it all to work correctly. I bought all my stuff through CarAudioExpress.co.uk and picked up a Pioneer HU through EBAY. It's not cheap to do it correctly, you will be looking at a fair layout excluding the HU - depends if you want everything working factory like i suppose.

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You can pickup the feed from the rear camera from a connector in front of the passenger seat next to the center console at floor level. Red and white video, black 6V power to camera and shield, this will save you a few ££'s. If you need a 12v trigger for the HU the loom in the passenger foot step has the thin red/white feed to the reversing lights, there are several red/white wires in the loom so a bit of work with a meter and sharp pin is required. The front camera I have yet to investigate where the feed comes into the cabin.

rear camera (2).jpg

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After lots of research, I'm thinking of buying an Xtron unit on ebay. Can't find a model number, so I've attached a picture. 

Does anyone have any experience of this, fitting tips etc. Bearing in mind I have front & rear cameras, separate dvd player, & roof mounted screen 

Any information would be much appreciated. 



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