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  1. Any update on this? With the new battery installed does the key fob still operate the doors correctly?
  2. I got mine working, but it was ages ago and shortly after the picture died. It turned out that it was the flip down screen at fault, so i chucked it and replaced it with an alpine unit, which in truth turned out better as the kids can change the dvd themselves and also with Alpines IR headsets we don't have to suffer the sound of what they are watching.
  3. See this thread : It's not so much the HU thats the problem, it's the connectors and harnesses required if you want it all to work correctly. I bought all my stuff through CarAudioExpress.co.uk and picked up a Pioneer HU through EBAY. It's not cheap to do it correctly, you will be looking at a fair layout excluding the HU - depends if you want everything working factory like i suppose.
  4. Apart from the strainer itself, the strainer gasket and oil, are there any other gaskets or that required to complete this job. Was having a look at the schematics and nothing was jumping out at me - but want to be certain.
  5. Did you ever manage to get this sorted out David?
  6. Thanks Alex - Yeah, what a chew to get a headlight out! I can pop one of the Volvo ones out in seconds. Is there any official diagrams showing all the bolt positions?
  7. I use Pace Ward which look to be a bit cheaper than Mark Richards, for me at least. Although it's not just the price, PW have a very good rep should there be an accident, and as long as you declare a mod, they will replace it like for like should there be an accident. They're very popular with the Evo lads!
  8. Alex, i'll be tackling this soon, do the wheel arch liners need to be removed to get the bumper off?
  9. This is what i posted that works. I put this up for a fellow forum member and it worked for them too. I don't know though if these steps work for non-toyota transponders, hence why i bought Toyota FObs off the bloke on Ebay, anyways, you could give this a try (This is for the FOBS, not the KEY): Follow this to the 'T' and it should work no problem with the smart fobs to open and close the doors (It looks convoluted, but worked for me on 1st attempt) Before starting make sure you have no mobile phone in your possession/close by. 1. Sit in the drivers seat - Driver door open, key out of ignition 2. Within 5 seconds, place key in ignition and take it out x 2 (Do not turn key) 3. Within 40 Seconds, close the drivers door and open x 2 4. Put key back in ignition (Do not turn key) and take it out 5. Within 40 Seconds, close the drivers door and open x 2 6. Key back in ignition and leave it in 7. Close drivers door 8. Turn key in ignition (Without starting car) 9. Turn key back and take key out of the ignition (The door locks should automatically do a cycle - If nothing happens, you've done something wrong and will have to restart the re-programming again from the start) Once the door locks have did their cycle : 10. Within 40 seconds press lock and unlock buttons on fob together for 2 secoonds 11. Then press lock button on fob for 2 seconds (The door locks should do a cycle again, if they do not complete a cycle, repeat step 10 and 11 again. If the door locks cycle twice, it also means that the re-programming has failed so repeat steps 10 and 11 again)
  10. You could just use the key and a separate remote : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-alphard-noah-estima-SMART-LOCK-fob-2005-to-2008-key/282849166668?hash=item41db1fc54c:g:zngAAOSwAhVahT4Z I bought one from this bloke and programmed it no problem. I think a key from Toyota is mega bucks unfortunately.
  11. I have not - but i saved the following link as a favourite, if i decide to change the alloys on mine at some point. The guys blog has sizes from 18" up to 20" and offsets that work : http://alphardlandjohor.blogspot.com/2008/11/alphard-tyre-info.html
  12. Must be true then on the hybrids. KM'S TO mph isn't a difficult calc. Even my wife could manage that all the years we ran unconverted Evo's 😜
  13. Did you source a bike rack? That's something i would be interested in getting, though haven't really searched in depth yet!
  14. I would speak to another garage, JM Inports is close by, i reckon they would know. Speedo convertion is as straight forward as any other car as far as i know on the non-hybrids, i can't see the hybrids being any different, though to be honest, i just used to run my previous imports in km's to keep the numbers correct. The only reason mine is in mph now as the importer changed it when doing the foglight and service.
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