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Fukushima radiation


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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have a question which may well be unanswerable, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

After months of looking for an Alphard, I found one which looked really good, only for my missus to baulk and pull out because of possible radiation.

I got a VX check carried out, but it said very little about where the van was from or what the radiation reading was before it was shipped- it simply got a ‘pass”.

Is there a testing facility in the UK where I could arrange to have reading please?

If not, I’ll have to look at similar sized non-export vans and I really don’t like them as much.


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I have never really thought about this. My Alphard came from Osaka, had all the history from Osaka all the way down to the sat nav of where the last owner lived. 

I think a car outside the affected area should be fine, especially if its from the south.


Put it this way, I stood outside the affected Chernobyl Reactor in 2016 and also spent the rest of the day around Pripyat and at the end theday the  collective reading from my devide (forget the name of it) was the same as having an x-ray.  So i would not be worried about the car unless it was within 100 mile radius of Fukushima.


But then again i'm not an expert. 

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Thanks very much for the post. I’ve read that people are exposed to more radiation when flying on a plane, but my missus won’t have it unfortunately.

I’d still love an Alphard, but unless I can get one tested over here, I can’t see it happening.

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