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Toyota Alphard Velfire 2010 gear Box Issue

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Toyota Alphard  Velfire 2010 2.4L

Bought June 2022. 58000 miles

Recently i have been hearing a noise coming from my gearbox. Its at its loudest at 20 miles per hour.

It is a 7 speed K112/F Super CVT-I Automatic 2.4 L

Has anyone had the same issues. Dont know where to start. thanks Martin

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Thank you for your reply Paul. No I haven't. Is there an issue with gear boxes in a Velfire using oil that I don't know about. I will check and let you know ow I get on thanks

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Best have a transmission service. Replace fluid and filter. You will need either a garage or transmission specialist to do this for you. 


I would do it sooner than later

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Hi. We finally got round to draining oil and removing sump (there was just over 5 ltrs of oil ) and dropped the sump. The sump was full of metal as per attached photos. The 2 biggest bits of metal are shown against a lighter for scale.
Assuming something is seriously wrong with the gear box. Any advice would be appreciated. 




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Those little metal cylinders in your sump are evidence of a roller bearing failure - sorry. It’s very likely that bits of hardened steel escaping a bearing will have done further damage elsewhere. Did you also drop the strainer? A full inspection and rebuild likely more expensive than sourcing a replacement (used, possibly refurbished) gearbox.

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