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Searching for an Alphard

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Greetings from a new member from north of the border.

On the hunt for another campervan after a house to flat move rendered our motor home too awkward to keep.

Experience has been a wonderful 4x4 diesel Bongo that did us proud, then a small m/h.

Alphard ticks the boxes and although a Granvia fan I feel they’re getting long in the tooth.


I’m well impressed with this website and look forward to exchange of info.


Other hobbies 2 x m/bikes, restoration of a 70 year old paddle steamer & a much older Clyde river pedestrian ferry.

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Hi welcome to the club.

Alphards are a great choice for their size. 

I would do a lot of research into what engine and spec you are after first.


I have the series 20 on a late 2008 plate. I chose the 2.4 as this was the best for town and motorway journeys. We travelled fully loaded with camping gear to Cornwall/Devon and the Lake District last year. We had no issues with the power and fuel economy was good. Some members like the 3.5 for the extra power. 


The issue you'll get is that the camper converted ones are priced at a premium. In my opinion you should buy the highest spec Alphard yourself and then find a conversion company. That way you'll have the best of both worlds. 


I just had curtains fitted to mine and have ordered a kitchen pod from Vangear as I didn't want a permanent conversion. 


Good luck with your purchase. Post some pictures when you do buy one .




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Thanks for the advice. I favoured the 2.4 also.

We got lucky & picked one up today, 2002 model, converted 4 years ago by Direct Campers Ltd. Lovely condition, 50k miles, silver.

108 mile round trip to pick it up.

Very conscientious lady owner with excellent folder with all paperwork.

Extras included Fiami 2 bike carrier, stand alone awning, brand new

porta potty🫢, extra mattresses. Without a doubt one of the best transactions re private vehicle purchase !



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Congratulations on your purchase 🎊 


It looks really nice and 50k is very low mileage. The extras you got with the Alphard are a great bonus 👍🏼

I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of it for the coming years.





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