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Alphard engine locked up

Andy 1730

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Hi ..last week my wife was driving the Alphard she overtook a lorry going up a steep hill when the engine revs went up as if it had gone into kickdown but it lost all drive and slowed down ..the oil warning light came on so she pulled into a layby the engine then cut out and when you turn the key the solenoid clicks but doesn't turn the engine over ...I took the starter off and it spins as it should the battery is fine etc it there is plenty of oil ..coolant etc so my guess is the engine has locked...is this a safety thing if there's a gearbox problem or am I looking at a serious engine malfunction...the van has done 120000 miles has service history and ran lovely up until then ..cheers . Andy 

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Hi Steve ...yes the oil level was between the two marks on the dipstick there were no other warning lights and the temperature was ok ..according to the wife the engine revs rose but there was no drive then the oil light came on she immediately pulled into a layby then the engine stopped and that was it ...she was recovered by the rac to home and that's where I found the engine had locked up ...I've had cars sieze and had a cam belt snap and there's normally lots of noise etc she said there was nothing it just stopped ....I know a bit about car mechanics but this has me stumped 

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Can you turn the engine over with a socket on the crank shaft pulley, take the spark plugs out first though or you’ll be fighting the compression. 

If not then I’m wondering if the oil pump has failed. 
If so, it might have damaged the engine. 
There could be all kinds of damage. 
My sister ran her car dry of oil and it was ruined. 
You could try draining the oil and changing the filter, check oil for metallic particles, you could also take the sump off and check for signs of over heating and wear. 

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