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breakdown, urgent help please

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Hi Guys,

I have a problem hopefully something which can be resolved fast and easy.

2005 Toyota Alphard Hybrid

It starts and than you can drive about 200 m and than stopes.Than you wait start again same thing happens.

Than I started and waited, the engine was running and charged up the hybrid battery to the 3 green bars and stopped again.

I have an iSoft reader which is not the most advance but gave me some codes: -C1213 HV SYSTEM COMMUNICATION CIRCUIT



So what do you guys think?

What can be done?

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I did read of someone recently disconnecting the standard battery and it cleared a fault code which helped  driving for longer to get home (but not necessarily solving the reason why it’s started) 

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What warning lights were on when it shut down? Mine was similar but different codes and related to the HV battery one cell weak, I think P3000 is the generic code for this. Comms is lost with the brake ECU so no regenerative brake function or stability control.

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