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Alphard 2.4 ignition \gearbox problem

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Hi all I have a weird ignition / gearbox problem on my 2003 ..2.4 alphard....if you turn the ignition key to start the engine it won't turn over you can hear a click but that's it ..this is with the gearlever  in P...position but if you put the lever into N or neutral the car will start as normal...also if you put the lever into reverse it won't engage unless the lever goes just pass the gate you then get a beep and the reverse warning beeper goes off and the car goes into reverse...i've unplugged all the gearbox connectors have them a clean and a squirt of WD40 but still no joy...anyone got any ideas...thanks.


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Does the transmission lock when you put it in P?


If so then I would have said the neutral start switch is at fault. Unfortunately this looks like it's part of a larger (expensive) assembly.




I would attempt to check the output of the switch before ordering parts though. Pin 1 is Park output and Pin 2 is Reverse. Looks like you just need to check for 12V. The following is for sonar connections so it only shows pins 1, 2 and 3 in the diagram:




I wouldn't use WD40 to clean electrical connectors. It's a lubricant, not a contact cleaner as far I know.

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OP already explained reverse works.
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I used WD40 in case some water had got into the contacts I've been using it for yrs on electrical contacts and have had no problems it's a water dispersant and does have some cleaning properties but is not a dedicated cleaner...the gearbox locks when it's in P its the reverse gear position that's puzzling me as instead of going into the gate to select reverse you have to go half inch past before it will select the gear...there's a cable that goes from the gearbox to the gear lever could this be stretched or can it be adjusted to take up any slack if there is any ?

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