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Hi Everyone,


am going to get my Alphard converted to LPG mid this month. The tank will be mounted under the car. The spare wheel I will make a bracket for it inside. Once I remove the rear seats which I don’t use. 

does anyone have and comments to make on the conversion to LPG. 

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Hi Alan,


We have a large number of suppliers located with in radius of our location, for your information you can upload an app onto your phone, the app is under LPG.eu it covers all of the UK and Europe with prices, location, and number of visits, you can even get google maps to give you directions to all the stations which makes it very easy to find when out and about, you can and I would recommend that when you visit you upgrade to the latest info, this will help everyone else that uses LPG.eu up to date with the info.


Regarding the conversion, this has been done and it works perfectly, no loss of power, mpg is approx. the same, the only big difference is in my pocket of a saving of £.83/ltr so it does not take long to recover the money paid to have it in stalled, we have two vehicles that have now been converted both have covered a large number of miles with no issue at all, if you go into Europe there are loads more stations that sell LPG or GPL as they call it.


as I always say if you don't use it you will lose it, it it converted and start saving, its the only way.


to give you some back ground the French are manufacturer Dacia supplies all it's car with the option to have LPG installed from the factory and the French government has graded all cars that run on LPG as "carte air 1" which means they can enter all cities and towns with zero restrictions very much like electric cars, great news al round.


hope this has been of use to you.


cookie crew


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On 9/11/2023 at 5:05 AM, ALSALPHARD said:

Hi I have also considered this but did recently read Morrisons were giving up selling LPG by end of year ( i cant find article at mo) so best make sure you can get  supplier nearby.


Several UK companies have exited, or announced they will exit, supplying LPG from their forecourts.

Certainly, in the South West, finding LPG could become a problem.

So, make sure your petrol tank is full !

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Hi it’s a sad to know, how we the British public have been mislead by a government that does not understand emissions, took mine for its MOT and the tester checked the emissions even though it is not required for an LPG vehicle and all where extremely low or none existent. Much cheaper than buying anything Electric and it keeps the vehicle range. 

The MOT test says it all it does not need to be tested for emissions.


check myLPG.eu for stations it’s an app When we convert they have customers which gives them profit. 

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Also all the Taxi drivers around Birmingham have converted to LPG that seams to be the way stations stay open. They run hybrid petrol/electric with an LPG conversion it is even cheaper to run better than paying £1.60/ltr when by us LPG is £0.75 to £0.66/ltr massive saving all round. 

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