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Roof Aerial to solve poor DAB and FM reception

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Has anyone fitted a roof aerial "Shark Fin" type to solve the poor reception from windscreen mount FM and DAB aerials.  Or does anyone have advice on how to get good reception with the windscreen mounts.  I have already fitted an Android 11 head unit.

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Just picked on this thread and I have a couple of question's.

How easy is it to run the coax from the roof rear to the head unit.

Are the shark fins on fleabay any good at £5/6.

Is there an easier alternative to the shark fin for the FM reception.

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DAB service is pretty mixed across the UK anyway TBF.  You'll most likely find if you spend alot of your time in the sticks, by the coast or somewhere where there is alot of hills/inclines that there really is no such thing as good DAB.  I've had factory DAB in numerous cars and they've been just as flakey/willing to flick to FM where possible.


I think a roof mounted antenna can definitely help as it will no doubt help you capture every last bit of signal, but again you can't manufacture signal.....if it's bad in an area, your service will be bad (just perhaps a little less so) regardless of the antenna type.


I'm of the mind that it's more down to the quality of the film antenna you buy, and how it's mounted that makes a difference (with some caveats).


I'd suggest....


Buy branded.....i.e if you have a Pioneer head unit, buy a Pioneer antenna.  If not just buy a good known brand.  Not all film antennas are equal for sure.


Make sure it's installed correctly, by that I mean:


Correct orientation (vertical, doesn't matter if pointing up or down)


Is properly earthed to the A pillar


Is powered/active (most are and can be powered directly by the headunit, rather than a dedicated 12v feed).


Is installed leaving some reasonable gap between the antenna and top of windscreen


Main caveat is don't bother with one if you have a polarised or heated screen, complete waste of time.





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Had similar issue with dab. Now just use Alexa in car and connect to my phone way easier and I can just ask for whatever station I want. Only about 30 pounds of so..

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Bought a DAB+ dongle ready for the weekend, also there are already 4 aerials in the front window when we bought the car but unsure what they are.

And I have noticed there is one that covers the offside rear window next to the 3rd row!


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