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Just noticed I have a camera under the passenger mirror.


I have a memory of this being discussed on the forum.....but can't find the thread.


I'm assuming it's a view of the passenger kerb rather than 360 degree cam as the driver's side mirror has a puddle light rather than a cam.


Anyone point me at which plug behind the dash is that mirror camera, I do have a yellow RCA behind there doing nothing, but I think that was the old front aftermarket camera that has been removed, it dosent look OEM.


Anyone know if the android head unit will accept the second camera input along with the reverse cam currently connected? I'd guess it would display both video feeds on the basis that the mirror cam is automatically powered up when reversing?




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22 minutes ago, Cavegod said:

the mirror canera goes to the park adsist ecu under passenger seat you can tap into the feed if you want it to display on android unit

Park assist? I don't have park assist, if you mean the car parks it self?

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55 minutes ago, Cavegod said:

do you have the button to the left of steering wheel for the cameras?

Nope, no buttons that have anything to do with parking other than the PDC on and off button, right hand dash next to the room lights and esc buttons.

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6 minutes ago, Cavegod said:

yeah meant right, you will have an ecu under passenger seat

So you mean park assist in terms of parking sensors rather than self park?

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  • 2 weeks later...

To be sure.

Do you have front camera too?

Do you have 2 parking sensors on the 'sides' of the front bumper?


on the left of sterring wheel, next to the power door on/off button is the IPA button, as seen in this video:



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some 20 series had a side camera as an option, but not the full IPA (intelligent parking assist).

But the parking sensors, side and front cameras would all connect to the ECU under passenger seat

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