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A few faults on Alphard 2007. 2.4

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Just got  Alphard after the accident and found something looking like my Lexus have for the tire pressure under the rear bumper. There also another unoccupied plug..

Can you advice pls?


Parking break  light on dash On but all works ok.   Is there any kind of switch?


AFS OFF intermittent as well.


Thank you in advance




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The multi pin plug behind the bumper is most likely for the optional parking sensors that would be fitted in the centre region of the bumper, the other 2wire plug= no idea. The vehicles have a standard wiring loom fitted and then the options can be connected easily. There is an AFS sensor and operating rod behind the offside rear wheel, the sensor can get moisture/dirt in it . The parking brake pedal has a switch, part number = 84550-30080, see link https://www.amayama.com/en/catalogs/toyota/alphard/1-van-3-right-h10-2005-r-3124/electrics-4/switch-relay-computer-337

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Thank you guys!   bought the unknown rear sensor  from other  alphard today to see if something improve on the dash.  I have ABS and parking brake lights On and I read a lot of post about the same issue, there can be one fault which keep both light ON.

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