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I have two lights ON on the dash, handbeak and ABS,  read on the Eastern Europe forums that those two lights ON because of one possible fault. maybe not, who knows ))

I have OBD2  code reader which not see Alphard. I went to the local garage to the guy I know and borrowed his computer but there also NO communication with the van.


Is it because the car is JDM?



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21 hours ago, stopgapcat said:

We have a 2006 Alphard - I bought an ANCEL JP700 Automotive JOBD from Amazon for £55 - this is the specific version that includes JDM vehicles - works well

Thanks a lot.  bought it from Amazon, will get it tomorrow.

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6 minutes ago, derek sullivan said:

Hi please excuse my ignorance, but would someone explain to me what an ancel jp700 automotive and also jdm vehicles.



JDM is Japanese Domestic Vehicles.

Vehicles for use in Japan, and not intended to ever be exported.


Ancel is a brand of an vehicle systems monitor / troubleshooter.

A device that can be plugged into the OBD socket to read engine parameters.

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On 2/9/2024 at 7:30 PM, derek sullivan said:

Thanks guys im a bit wiser now, 

If you look up Gendan on the web they do software that can be used via a Windows laptop and advised cables for your vehicle. I got it for a troublesome motorhome sensor, and it covered all alarms.

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