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fogged up headlamp covers

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Yeah try meguiars headlight kit first, if that doesn't work then go at them with wet flatting papers.

Use loads of warm soapy water, keep the headlight wet and the paper wet and keep cleaning as well.

Sanding from 400, then 600, 800, 1000 and finally 2000 grit paper, after the 2000s paper you can begin polishing. (Or you can spray with lacquer after 2000 grit)

You can polish by hand but best result is with a machine buffer and use a cutting compound to remove the fine scratches then use some normal wax on top to finish and help protect. 

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Meguiars kit works fine but you must follow the instructions assiduously ; however they will cloud over again as it is UV light that does the damage, so go the extra mile and put a UV resistant film or solution on the lenses too otherwise you’ll end up redoing them every year.

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Someone on here mentioned Turtle Wax headlamp cleaner/polish. Wow, it certainly brought my headlamps up a treat, and it's very affordable stuff. Local detailers were going to charge me £25

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