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Sliding door will not lock

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Hi all,


Replaced the right side cables for the sliding door. Once installed, I turned the power doors back on, and pressed the open/close button in the cab. 

Power was there, with door in the open and held back position. 

Activated close door, and door attempts to release itself from open and held position, but cannot. It attempts several times. 


I then turned off the power doors, and closed the door manually, which was fine, although the door will no longer lock shut and now seems to be unresponsive to open or close using the cab mounted button, key fob or the door handles.


Seems really odd the blooming door won't lock at all now, although it moves fine manually with the new cables installed. 

Any thoughts or suggestions? 



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So slight update, the door can now be manually closed. It's a poor experience but does work. The door catch I wiggled about several times, then slowly closed the door. It locked and I heard a fait mechanical noise which may have been the locking mechanism trying to shut. 

I have ordered a new small motor, and will see if that helps, as I don't fancy paying for one of the large door motors. 

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