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Bings, bongs and beeps - can I turn them off?

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Hi All,

I have had my Alphard for just over a year now, its great apart from all of the noises. is it possible to turn off the following:


Key in / drivers door open chime.

Power sliding rear doors opening / closing chime.

Internal reversing beeper.

Locking chime.


Its an 2006 Alphard V V6.


Love the vehicle, but the noises are driving me crazy!

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I think best option will be to locate the buzzer/s and disconnect them; hopefully it’s just a case of unplugging. If you find a buzzer and there’s no immediate plug then track the wires back to the next plug and disconnect. Might need some dashboard panel removal (eek, buy some cheap tools on eBay for the job). Once unplugged quickly turn on the ignition just to check no unexpected warning lights ... there shouldn’t be but you never know.

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