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Greetings all

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Hi everyone,

as yet our Alphard has yet to be bought, but bought it will be.

It is at this point that I will pose a couple of questions to you good people that I hope may help us over the line....


We have, after a considerable amount of research and time decided on the Alphard, as its size & budget meets our needs.

We have decided that we want a model no earlier than 2006 (newer shape), and ideally less than 50-60k miles on the clock.

It is to be used primarily as a camper, if we can, all year, as well as being a vehicle to lug my fishing tackle around 1-2 times a week. So not as a true second vehicle.


So......the question we have not yet made a decision is - do we go 3.0 V6 or 2.4l ?

I reckon average mileage will be 5k max, with a trip round the Scottish Isles in mind, Lakes, poss W Country.

Unlikely European travel, but not out of the question.


Also (being greedy here), does anyone have any views on either Wellhouse Leisure or Caldy Campers, as think we will be buying from a Conversion Co rather than AutoTrader etc.


We live on Wirral, so if anyone knows of anywhere else nearer me, then thanks.






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Right, so after a day trip to Calder Campers in Livingstone, we have put down a deposit on an 05, low mileage 3.0 V6 Grade 4. Absolutely immaculate

Fell in love with their conversions, and they were so helpful with all our questions, and answered things we hadn't thought of.

Just need it converted now, so very excited.

Getting heating added so planning some Autumn, Winter trips....


Here we go........

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