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Gross Axle Weights & Aftermarket Wheels

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Afternoon all


No real question in here, just doing some thinking in public, pulling together some other posts into one place and opening it up for anyone with more experience to chime in/peck at my logic...


I had a chat with an aftermarket wheel supplier today who was recommending 690kg rated wheels. This sounded low as I was expecting van-like axle weights, but after looking into it, I think it's actually pretty sane figure and opens up a range of decent wheel (and tyre!) options.


So I want to know the axle limits to a reasonable degree of accuracy. I don't have sight of our van yet but judging by the confusion I doubt the gross axle weights are conveniently displayed on a sticker on the van...


Looking over here is info that the Alphard ANH10 came in trims up to 2430kg GVW. As that post says, all Toyota seemed to have done is add 7 or 8 passengers to get to the GVW which, I agree, seems silly, so I presume the real GVW is north of 2430kg. Potentially 2520kg from here, so will assume that.


I've struggled to find any information on weight distribution anywhere online. Finger in-the-air perhaps the FWD version is 50% on the front at the 1780kg kerb weight (2.4 7 seat). Then let's say the 740kg payload of fuel, people, luggage and pets goes 2/3 on the back axle that puts it at about 1383kg on the back or 692kg per rear wheel.


I think this is a conservative guess as I'd expect it to start more front-biased at Kerb condition. I also have zero worry I might accidentally put over 740kg in it 😅. So, in short, 690kg rated wheels seem like a go-er for us 🥳


I have been told I need 101 rated XL tyres by the importer/converter (825kg!!). Maybe this is a misconception or perhaps it just makes more sense with a full camper conversion riding along (we are not having a full conversion). Looking at the export photos our bus has 101V tyres on it but clearly not original. Sounds like the forum is collectively the same hymn sheet that 95-97 rated tyres are fine e.g. here


As I said up top feel free to chime in otherwise just leaving this here for the record. If I can get our van on some scales I will post back with that info.




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