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  1. Just bought a new remote key from the following on ebay : autoremotedepot Australia .They supply the key and transmitter which you have to get cut and tuned to open/close and power ignition.The cost for the key and fob was £54.76 including postage but when ordering you MUST quote your VIN for the car.They stock thousands of different fobs etc so its a must to quote the VIN.Have'nt got the fob activated or key cut yet will let you know how it goes.If your in the same boat as me with only one fob key then lose that and its curtains.
  2. My last post should read Stuart Spencer not Stuart Pearce apologies senior moment
  3. Alex the points you have just mentioned were the first thing my dealer said to me ,he's had the underseal done the milometer changed to MPH,the radio extender fitted ,the timing belt changed along with the water pump and he has done all the paperwork for the registration and mot can't recommend him highly enough Stuart Pearce of Tipton great family business top blokes.
  4. Gainsborough - bought mine from a dealer in Tipton
  5. Thanks Alex waiting for delivery of my Alphard but happy to pick up any tips so you may get fed up of hearing from me. Regards Dave
  6. Alex if this is the sat nav disc is it not possible to put a European disc in it ?
  7. Alex if this is the sat nav disc is it not possible to put a European disc in it ?
  8. Having just bought an Alphard ive tried a few insurance companies and i think depending on the time of day which phase of the moon we are in depends on what they quote you, Adrian Flux has quoted me 650 whilst Mark Richards said they could not get me a quote so you pays your money and takes your chance. <safe motoring everybody
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