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  1. No - I called Thule about this- they advised me that the do not do a kit as the rear spoiler makes in incompatible. I think the spoiler, and probably the mirror too, make the usual rear racks problematic. I am probably getting a towbar fitted then can use my tow-ball mounted rack - or continue just slinging the bike in the back!
  2. Reckon I got 28-30 mpg out of it over the weekend, and that included several short trips with some serious hills and also a lot of wind.
  3. Hi! Yeah I love it. I was initially annoyed as I wanted Cruise Control and was under the impression it was standard and didn't realise I didnt have it until after I got it home! Still its great, such a more relaxed drive than our Punto. The battery died which wasn't surprising as it was original, had a bit of a search getting a new one as the car place at the top of the road didn't have it, but got one from Lincon Batteries who arent far from us. No issues at all touch wood, the oil hasn't dropped, the tyres I pumped up to 34/33, I couldn't find anywhere the factory advised pressures tho. Took it down to Devon over the weekend, its over 10 years old but drives perfect. I'm used to having to rev the small punto on hills, and having driven a 2.0 diesel Mondeo got used to that which has oddles of torque, so was surprised how much you have to put your foot down on any kind of gradient in the Aplhard, but when you realise its a 2 ton beast it makes sense. Still had no problem on the 20% gradients in Seaton even with 6 people inside. Anyways happy with it so far, next is going to be putting all the seats down and seeing what its like as a camping bed. :-)
  4. My Tyres are 205/65R 16 95H I'm guessing about 33 psi maybe a bad more in the front as its front heavy. I bought the manual off amazon and it basically says "check tyre pressure by inspecting the state of the tyres where they touch the ground" with three little pictures of tyres!!! So that was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
  5. Found the battery is this : http://www.thebatteryguys.co.uk/129-tab-158-5060542310024.html
  6. Am I the only one having issues getting a replacement battery for my 07 Aplhard ANH10 FWD? It seems to use smaller terminals and my local car spares could only suggest I replace my connectors to fit the bigger ones which I dont really want to do... Giving me a headache looking online! Surely somebody has had to replace one of these before!!! Cheers
  7. Hi all New Essex based Alphard owner here! Picking up Friday. Silver 2007 2.4 Am interested in anyones experience with rear mounting bike racks and using/fitting a towbar/mounted bike carrier as not sue how it'll interfere with sensors/camera. Cheers
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