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  1. Anyone had keyless remote start fitted? any ideas how goo that might be?
  2. If you are going to import then hanham imports in bristol is a good place but a long way from you. I suggest have a look at coventry cars they can import and sell to your needs.
  3. alextovey

    new alphard owner

    Try here https://www.lockwoodinternational.co.uk/alphard-part-no-c1260.html
  4. Hi Diveboy, Have a look here. Always get them serviced, cambelt, water pump etc done before taking it. other than that its fantastic. Most people have already done that to theirs but if you buy from a car dealer then ask questions as there are a few great and a few bad companies....
  5. alextovey

    New member

    Welcome, Lot's of information here so have a look.
  6. alextovey

    Alphard 3ltr and 2.4 Servicing Parts

    Ah thanks. Yeah sometimes batteries are hit and miss.
  7. alextovey

    Alphard curtains

    Most people make themselves as it works out alot cheaper.
  8. alextovey

    new alphard owner

    dails is easy its just pop a couple of screws but the head unit can be hard i'd find a auto elec company to do a insured job.
  9. alextovey

    Lhd headlights

    I would speak to Ben Hau He may be able to sort you out with after market kit.
  10. alextovey

    new alphard owner

    Welcome Roger. As for mph there are plain dials that get placed over the kph dial or you can find Ben Hau (Ben alphard) on the forum he has conversion stuff and will be able to point you in the direction for awning.
  11. alextovey

    Android Radios to fit Alphard 2003

    Got it thank you.
  12. alextovey

    Lhd headlights

    No, as Japan drive on our side of the road, just buy the stickers that will cover you.
  13. alextovey

    Curtain Tracks on Windows

    If you are in Birminham speak to Ben Hau, On the forum he is Ben Alphard he does all Alphard mod's and upgrades, repairs etc. he can point you in the right direction.
  14. alextovey

    How do you remove the headlights???

    So 4 bolts holding the head lamps in then they should slide out. around 2 hours ish to take the front end off.
  15. alextovey

    How do you remove the headlights???

    it is. it's almost a complete strip of the front end just to get to the headlights. What are you trying to do?

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