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  1. alextovey

    Cheapest Fuel prices in your area.

    ouch! yeah its fairly expensive here in Bristol too. Though on the Isle of wight i heard its really cheap.
  2. At the moment for Bristol it's Asda Longwell Green 114.7p
  3. Well as the title suggests what have you been upto today? I've spent the last hour trying to find a brake fluid leak and mostly installing new servers in our datacenter for customers to use
  4. alextovey

    Alphard with Lexus front styling

    transformers here we come Like that alot.
  5. alextovey

    Android Radios to fit Alphard 2003

    You able to scan the whole booklet with any wiring or ISO plug connectors We can add it to our resources section then This might help alot of people looking to change it as well.
  6. alextovey

    Android Radios to fit Alphard 2003

    Good Luck with the Doors, If i remember correctly from facebook post's there is a small screw on the bulkhead of the door frame which needs removing first to get the cover off.
  7. alextovey

    Power door Issues

    Hi Steve, Not personally got these doors/ though on my estima (before the alphard) we had issues with the contacts in the door switches for the automatic motor. I stripped them down and used some fine sandpaper on the contacts as they just got gunged up with crap. Might be worth doing some tlc to the contacts of the handles.
  8. Its just a bulb and as long as the bulbs allow a certian amount of light and in the right position its a MOT pass.
  9. alextovey

    Android Radios to fit Alphard 2003

    Thank you. How was wiring it up?
  10. Welcome and very nice
  11. alextovey

    Has anyone got 1 of these?

    No. I would make my own on photobox or a similar site. would be cheaper. So You are from trowbridge nice close to bristol than most members If i was you i would stick Super unleaded in your tank or convert to LPG for better mileage.
  12. alextovey


    Welcome I've got the same. Reverse camera only comes on in reverse. However the front camera comes on when going slow if the steering wheel controls are pressed Any questions just ask i've got the same model so can point you in the right direction if needed.
  13. alextovey


    petrol. I got 30mpg using super unleaded to the isle of wight but average 18 - 20mpg in town driving
  14. alextovey

    Hybrid info for potential new buyer

    As for the batteries, i'd get a good bluetooth scanner
  15. alextovey


    We have a 3.0l v6 and get around 18 - 30 mpg fantastic vehicles. We had an estima before and this blows it out of the water. Things to consider. Find a good dealer (or import yourself) then get the following works done. Underseal Full service including (cam, water pump and filters) optional (new head unit) though i've stuck the same one as i dont see a point changing it. Otherwise they do not need much looking after and are fantastic vehicles. same engine as the RS300 lexus so mechanics can work on the them easily.

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