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  1. ebay and amazon. Thats where i got mine, took 3 days. send them a message asking them.
  2. Sound like the mechanism needs a good air blast and clean from dust etc. sometimes it gets clogged up easily when being shipped.
  3. we use burn cd's without any issues on ours. what model do you have?
  4. Best bet is Toyota. as sometimes they will struggle to clone it because of the coding at other places.
  5. for Towbar, underseal etc use G F Automotive they can point you in the right direction for LPG conversion plus put trackers etc in there for you too
  6. xtrons, pumpkin do good radios but there are a few ebay listings that do the car radios. However i'm currently researching about a firmware update on the radios which i can then change it to english or at least put a english version of the radio software on. (still around 6 months away as i'm waiting on Toyota Japan to release the firmware code for me.)
  7. very nice and tidy we all enjoy such vehicles welcome.
  8. Have you got a code reader? 2.4's are hard to read 98% of the time. I would check the sensors on the exhaust as most of the time they fail and preform such actions.
  9. from your facebook post. I think it's tied to the immobiliser. I would check the wiring and see where else it goes tbh. Send some pic's of the wiring connections to the barrel and if any in the engine bay.
  10. yup, try G F Automotives near the feeder river. :) they do all my work
  11. Yes welcome to the club and enjoy the fun and hassle free driving. Make sure you get the underseal, full service (belt, pump, oil, filters, Gearbox fluid changed)
  12. What about the diesel fumes etc?
  13. Good luck, not something i would try as i've done it before to another vehicle and it needed the suspension/wings altered.
  14. Try emailing them as they are very busy they do around 250 conversions a week. But also sell flat pack conversion kits.
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