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  1. Hi Quelch, I bought a replacement key from ebay ; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-Remote-Key-Fob-4-Button-314-3MHz-4D-Chip-for-Toyota-Alphard-2005/331576219346?epid=841823142&hash=item4d337b96d2%3Ag%3Aq7UAAOSw87RaqM28&fbclid=IwAR3u9ufypXYFlv1pKU1IG7llXfGsIYaK1lLtfLpD_3UqN0KkAIpkxPVc2Sg programmed the remote easily, using instructions off off the net, and bought a Toyota Smart Keymaker to add the new key to the car ecu. You can get the key cut at any reputable heel bar. Cost in total , about 40 quid. PM me if you need more info Nick
  2. Hi, found this online parts catalogue from Estonia, seems reasonably priced. Might be useful for some folk. Febest Europe Distribution. https://shop.febest.eu/catalog.html?brand=TOYOTA&model=ALPHARD&year=2005&body=ANH10
  3. almost certainly CV joints, was common on the old minis
  4. Contacted Toyota GB direct on the 27th July, no problem, the cs lady was very helpful. They are now waiting to hear back from Toyota Japan, who are verifying the recalls on my vehicle prior to authorising the work.
  5. Hi, any news on this recall thread please. My 2005 Alphard has 2 outstanding recalls for airbag I need to address at some time, just thought I would ask before contacting Toyota GB. Regards Nick
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