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Pop Up Roof Mattress

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We are currently waiting for our conversion to be completed.

Does anyone have any idea on approximately how much space there will be once the pop up roof is closed.

I want to order a memory foam mattress and cant decide on the the depth? I shall want to store it up there with the roof closed.

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I have a 2003 pop top conversion and can confirm that your lucky if you have 2 inches of free space. I purchased a 2 inch thick mattress topper but when in -situ you cannot close the roof properly. It is also difficult to get the canvass sides seated properly too. I am led to believe that some people use an inflatable mattress to address the problem and remove it completely when not in use.

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Hi everyone,

I am getting a rear kitchen done. This means part of the bed will be the two seats laid  flat - but they retain their sitting shape s so aren't flat for sleeping.  What have other people used as mattress toppers to iron out the shape of the seats underneath?




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with the roof down you have about an inch gap between the roof and bed boards, as you can only stack the boards two high and close the roof on our conversion. The hollows in the rock and roll bed we fill with either a towel or small pillows and use a cellular blanket at present but have just purchased a couple of lightweight blow up sleeping mats to try.

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